Aeration is the most important, low cost maintenance service that you do for your lawn.

Aeration is the most often overlooked lawn service, the benefits are huge.  Aeration is done by removing plugs of soil from your lawn. Water is then able to flood the holes and saturate the soil, swelling the compact ground around the removed areas. This newly softened soil allows the roots to rapidly push through the ground and grow, significantly improving you lawn.  


  • Lets water penetrate the surface to the roots and allows a  deeper growth into the soil.
  • The water does not run off before it can absorb. This saves on the amount of water.
  • Improved air exchange between the soil and atmosphere.
  • Loosens the soil so that the lawn can easily grow and flourish.
  • Allows fertilizer to get to the roots.
  • Softens the ground.
  • Increases drought stress tolerance.
  • It cuts through the thatch layer which prevent disease and insects infestation


*If your lawn is hard and compacted from frequent use and/or poor soil, if you can, please water your lawn the days prior to your appointment. If you see the water running off, move your sprinkler to another location. Alternate between different areas. Take a screwdriver and slide it into the ground. If you need to apply a lot of downward pressure, Continue watering. Once the screwdriver can penetrate the ground its full length, you are finished. This allows our machines to pull out large cores evenly across the entire lawn.

*We will try and book most aerations for rain days. This helps out with this process. It saves time and water. It also keeps us busy when the rain is falling.